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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Levy is available to deliver lectures and to participate in panel discussions.  Lectures are tailored to the intended audience (academic/industrial) and venue (university/industry/conference) and can include variations of the following:

Medicinal Chemistry Strategies Targeting Cardiac Function This lecture covers related biological pathways linking GPCRs antagonists for the treatment of congestive heart failure to Kinase inhibitors for the treatment of arrhythmia.  An optional third topic includes a study of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors as inhibitors of Endothelin Converting Enzyme.  This presentation can be tailored to chemistry audiences, biology/biochemistry audiences or a combination.  Topics can be expanded or contracted to fit within allotted time. 
Chemistry and biology students interested in real-world drug discovery programs.  This talk is appropriate for both undergraduates and graduate students.
Nanoparticle-Based Delivery of siRNA Therapeutics
This lecture covers strategies for enhancing the performance of nanoparticle therapeutics through incorporation of surface-bound poly(ethylene)glycol.
Chemistry/biology students and professionals interested in next-generation therapeutic technologies.
Chemistry Careers and the Current Economy:  Strategies for Survival and Adaptability
This lecture covers strategies for adapting to project-based employment and includes topics such as networking, marketing and obtaining resources.  Personal anecdotes and case studies are included.
Professionals interested in how the chemistry job market is evolving and what types of opportunities are available.  This talk will be of particular interest to those impacted by corporate mergers and subsequent downsizing.
Chemistry Outsourcing: Avoiding Problems and Maximizing Benefits
This lecture covers current trends in chemistry outsourcing and how to protect budgets, timelines and intellectual property.  Strategies for keeping chemistry on track are discussed as well as negotiating terms with contract vendors.  Personal anecdotes and case studies are included.
Professionals and executives interested in strategies for maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks associated with chemistry CROs and CMOs.
Why Onions Make You Cry
This lecture describes the identification and chemistry of the onion lachrymator.  The pharmaceutical properties of related compounds are introduced and interesting relationships are drawn between various plant and animal chemicals.  This informative talk is intended to inspire young minds regarding the everyday importance of organic chemistry.
High school and middle school audiences.

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